SimRacingBay is back to Simucube 2 distributor network

Official statement from Tomo Meglic:

Hi guys, very interesting 2021 year is looking to hide few more secrets. 🙂
Most of the hard work with advanced production processes and material development from my side is now done. As result, first new products will start releasing over new year already.

And news gets even better – our longterm (partner) Granite Devices had been working hard for new hardware products to join Simucube ecosystem. First updates with more details are already set for this year.

This is now more than perfect timing for SimRacingBay to join back in, where we feel best :=)
As no. 1 worldwide provider of Direct Drive systems in 2015-2020, goal is to continue even stronger and to serve all worldwide customers with best and latest products, as we did so far.

Simucube 2 Sport and Pro are now in stock.

Discount options for November 2021 announced.


Best Regards,
Tomo Meglic