Here you can find all needed manuals and other important links:


Simucube wireless wheels products:


BB Ultra – product page with manuals:

Competition Wheel – product page with manuals:

GT3 Wheel – product page with manuals:

GT3 Wheel USB (special edition) – product page with manuals:


BB PRO 32 – product page with manuals:

F28-SC website with new manuals:

B16M-SC website with new manuals:

B16L-SC website with new manuals:


Simucube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate:

Simucube 2 is very new and revolutionary product from Granite Devices.  New updates regarding software, its additional added features, will follow soon in near future. Good recommendation is to join or follow official Granite Devices forums. You are warmly wellcome to add your feedback or comment at any time:

Hard copy of manuals is already included to SC2 package. Here is the link for latest version and all other files you might need. Check also new instructional videos:

Simucube Quick Release Wheel side kit manual:


Discountinued products manual:

Simucube 1 OSW with Small or Large MiGE: