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SRB GT3 Wheel – USB (special edition)


Steering Wheel:

  • Offical GT3 Performance wheel by SimRacingBay
  • with Ascher Clutch Paddles (new)
  • Analog biting point calibration – no software needed (new)
  • with Ascher magnetic shifters
  • Platform independent USB connection
    (GT3 wheel can be used on any wheel base)
  • Manual – click here


  • Original LMS Steering rim –  same factory production
  • 9x Push buttons, tactile feedback, shorter travel
  • 3x original ELMA Rotary encoder with Push button
  • 1x multifunctional 7-way joysticks 

General Information:

  • 300 mm wheel diameter, 70 mm bolt pattern
  • Can be used with any Quick Relese with 70mm bolt pattern
  • Wheel weight (without Shifter and Clutch paddles) 990g
  • Total wheel weight (with Shifters and Clutch paddles) 1220g

Included in package

  • Replaceable industrial-grade coiled USB cable (Binder M16)
  • 40mm spacer (may be needed to create sufficient clearance)
  • M5 bolts with nuts and washers, additional magnets for shifters
  • UV protective button labels

GT3 wheel is hand-built at SimRacingBay in Slovenia. 

SRB GT3 (old version) Review


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