SRB GT3 Wheel V2 (Special USB edition)

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Steering Wheel:

  • Offical GT3 Performance wheel by SimRacingBay
  • Custom overmolded Polyurethane rubber grip section™ (new)
  • with Ascher Clutch Paddles
  • Analog biting point calibration – no software needed
  • with Ascher magnetic shifters
  • Platform independent USB connection
    (GT3 wheel can be used on any wheel base)
  • Manual and more details – click here


  • 9x Push buttons, tactile feedback, shorter travel
  • 3x original ELMA Rotary encoder with Push button
  • 1x multifunctional 7-way joysticks 

General Information:

  • 300 mm wheel diameter, 70 mm bolt pattern
  • Can be used with any Quick Relese with 70mm bolt pattern
  • Total wheel weight (with Shifters and Clutch paddles) 1330g

Included in package

  • Replaceable industrial-grade coiled USB cable (Binder M16)
  • M5 bolts with nuts and washers, additional magnets for shifters
  • UV protective button labels

GT3 wheel is hand-built at SimRacingBay in Slovenia. 

SRB GT3 (old version) Review



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1 review for SRB GT3 Wheel V2 (Special USB edition)

  1. Jean Salas

    As the first non commercial wheel I’ve buy this is in another tier by itself. The material and overall quality is by far better than your plastic wheel, the feel on the hands is comfortable, plus the grip is rubber so you don’t have to do a lot of maintenance while it looks impeccable. A improve on the PDF provided on how to add the magnets for the shifters will be appreciated, but never the less this is a hell of a product. I tip my hat gents. Happy driving!

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