SRB GT3 V2 Wheel

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Official Simucube wireless wheel and perfect compatibility with Simucube 2 wheel bases.

Custom developed overmolded PU Rubber grip section™

Rubber damper on magnetic shifters for silent operation.



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  • Offical GT3 Simucube wireless wheel by SimRacingBay
  • Custom overmolded Polyurethane rubber grip section™ (new)
  • SRB magntic shifters with rubber damper for silent operation (new)
  • 30cm diameter, optimised for high end performance: weight 1190g
  • Original parts used, original 3D design
  • 9x Push buttons, tactile feedback, shorter travel 
  • 3x ELMA Rotary encoder with Push button
  • 1x multifunctional 7-way joysticks 
  • Full Billet aluminium construction

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for SRB GT3 V2 Wheel

  1. Gabor Beres (verified owner)

    You can tell this was designed by someone with good taste.

    -The shifters are just perfect. Everything like noise, position, and tactile feedback couldn’t get any better.
    -The rubber grip is perfect. The material is very comfortable to hold, and the thickness of it is just right.

    Overall I’m very impressed, and now regretting a bit not going straight for the dual-clutch version.

  2. Alexis

    I own the SRB GT3 wheel for more than 6 months already and I’ve put about 600+ hours on it and I really really love this steering. I own in the past the Fanatec WRC wheel, Fanatec Mclaren v2 and the Asher F28 V2. I also tried the Fanatec Porsche wheel and I must say that the SRB Gt3 is the winner between all of them in term of feeling, quality and look. The only “downside” that I can say is that it will be great is the steering come with stickers sheet. I’m using the wheel with a Simucube 2 Pro running at around 60-70% of force and the steering look and operate like it’s new, no wear, no fault.

    -The size is perfect
    -The grip is very confortable and ergonomic
    -The paddle shifter are precise, quiet and very solid
    -Every button feel solid and like they are actually coming from a real automotive steering wheel. The “clicking” is precise and the feel is very very nice
    -The battery life seems to be very good since I didn’t need to change it after 600hours of use and it still going strong
    -There is absolutely NO FLEX at all with this wheel. It’s very very solid.

  3. Thomas (verified owner)

    I used the V1wheel 1,5 years more then 1000 hours and was very happy with it.
    Now I bought the V2 last week and and I’m even more happy.
    The rubber grib is way better for my driving without gloves.
    Perfekt quality, fast delivery!
    Thank’s a lot!

  4. Andreas

    Absolutely loving it. I’ve got it in use since early 2021. Quality is top notch. All stickers still hold and no sign of wear on them either yet. Only the Ascher paddles are somewhat loud compared to my other wheels but that’s not really a flaw of the rim itself, of course.

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