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Extension for Simucube 2

(8 customer reviews)


Simucube Extension:

  • Length 130mm (replace original hub and adds 80mm extra lenght)
  • Compatible with Simucube 2 systems (Sport, Pro and Ultimate)
  • CNC machined from Automitive grade aluminium
  • Weight 365g
  • Included SQR Adapter – 6x70mm

Installation Manual – test step 1 before purchase

Review by Giorgio Zegretti
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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Extension for Simucube 2

  1. luis.guerreiro80 (verified owner)

    Extension with excellent construction/finishing quality at the level of my SC 2.
    Super satisfied, I recommend it to everyone, 10/10

  2. Toni

    This is an outstanding well build extension that suits the quality and looks of my Simucube 2, while making me able to build my dream cockpit. It’s rock solid and has zero play!
    The installation was easy when following the linked instructions video.
    As a super happy customer I highly recommend this extension after some weeks of usage.

  3. Alfonso

    Just what I was looking for, a solid piece, discreet compared to others on the market, it’s perfect 😉

  4. tj.lion (verified owner)

    Perfect. Good quality, beautiful look. And the main goal to lower monitor to see dashboard through the steering wheel have been achieved. Now I can adjust seat position without compromises. Also no play, solid. Highly recommended solution.

  5. Remis (verified owner)

    Perfect addition, now wheel is in good position, and monitors not too close. Great service! Also i was reading before that extenders can make negative on loosing details of ffb, it is absolutely not true, i even like more ffb with extender! 10/10. Ofcourse i tried sc2 pro with extender before buying on my friends rig, so i was almost sure it will be perfect solution.

  6. Josef Åberg

    Perfect! If you want to have the screen between the servo base and the steering wheel this adds a perfect gap to the steering wheel. I’m Using this with triple 32″ and without the extension i felt i was sitting to close to the screens and by adding this it feels perfect.
    Great Product and Fast Shipping.

    Best regards: Josef/ Sweden

  7. Roar.F31 (verified owner)

    Very happy with this extender, super build quality and quick shipping! It adds just enough lenght for my application, and makes it easier to get in and out of the rig, without the need yo add spacers to the wheel itself.

    The 70m PDC adapter is nice to have for 3rd party quick release systems, but it also fits the original SC2 QR as well, which is nice.


  8. Drew

    Excellent delivery and quality .
    Solid as a rock and perfect length

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