SRB BB Ultra

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Official Simucube Wireless product by SimRacingBay
Full metal design, CNC machined from GB6061

  • New Batch 3 version:
    Visual updates with Laser engraved Front panel
  • Optional: SQR adapter
  • Now with updated stickers –  from 10th March
  • Simucube Wireless Buttonbox with full 28 inputs used
  • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joystick (original Alps)
  • 2x encoders with push button + 6x tactile push buttons
    10x push buttons in total (6 + each encoder + each joystick)
  • SRB magnetic shifters with GT paddles
    (shifter can be remounted closer to center by 3 positions)
    (Now Black Anodised + Laser engraved – Update 15.jan 2021)
  • Full metal construction from automotive aluminium 6168GB
  • Aluminium Encoder Knobs and Button Guards – anodised
  • Full details:  BB Ultra Manual
  • Wheels Compatibility – click here

Simucube Wireless Wheel™

  • Directly compatible with Simucube 2: Sport, Pro, Ultimate
  • Simucube 1 compatible – with additional wireless receiver module 
  • Low latency, 3 years of battery life, back side access window
  • Button inputs via Simucube – no additional Windows controller

General Information:

  • 6x70 mm bolt pattern
  • Simucube wireless Button Box  (550g w/o shifters)
  • Layout for print


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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for SRB BB Ultra

  1. ARMANDO RODRIGUEZ (verified owner)

    Build quality and finish
    Electronics soldering job is top notch
    Number of inputs is same as Ascher F28 but 100€ cheaper
    Has two encoders with push instead of just push buttons
    Magnetic shifters are very tactile and have a solid click
    Shifter mounting holes are compatible with Ascher shifter
    Compatible with more steering wheels than the Ascher button plates
    Comes with decals for common functions

    Material of decals is slightly cheap (especially red text on black decals)
    A front plate would’ve been nice
    The anodized aluminum scratched easily when I mounted to my wheel, but that’s not really a con of only this plate, I think rubber spacers would’ve been a good idea (my mistake not to think of this)

    Overall, this is the best value for a Simucube wheel for starting out as all the other options are very expensive. I wish Tomo offered a USB version!

  2. DL

    By far the best deal for a SC wireless option!
    All possible Input used. 2 great 7 Wayx switches. GREAT QUALITY!!!
    I don’t care for the stickers, since I don’t use them for my VR use.


    best money u can buy took only 7 day to arrive super happy

  4. chrisbjohnson1027 (verified owner)

    I’m going to get another one of these because its the best value for the money on the market. So I dont have to switch between rims. I’m adding the second one to the Motamec D shaped wheel. Hopefully I can still get black.

  5. Sébastien BRUNIER (verified owner)

    SRB BB Ultra batch 3, the build quality is stunning, all inputs are super sharp, good tactile feedback even with racing gloves on.
    The rubber O rings on the rotary and funky switches insure firm grip while rotating them.
    Magnetic shifters are VERY clicky, I’n sticked very thin rubber pads to make them more quiet, a joy to use.
    Simucube 2 wireless connection was instantaneous, no lag, no hurdle to overcome, as plug and play as it could be. 100% signal strength.
    Although I don’t use the stickers (VR user) the two designs of stickers were provided, and looking closely at them, nothing to complain about, print quality is perfect, former issues with red bleed or non filled white areas are issues of the past.
    Mounted the BB with Fanatec 911 GT3 Cup Rim (320mm), perfect fit.
    No adapters needed to mount on the SC2, everything included on SC side as well as SRB is enough (6x70mm adapter provided by SC, nuts and nylstop bolts, everything is in the boxes)
    High quality product, high quality service (delivered to my door in less than 72h when in stock)
    Really happy with the overall experience.
    Thank you

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