Simucube ActivePedal Set of 2



    • Simucube ActivePedal Primary Set x1
      (Includes Simucube Link & Power Supply – needed for ActivePedal set to work)

    • Simucube ActivePedal Add-On x1

    • 60 months warranty

    • Free WorldWide Delivery with DHL

    • Add Simucube Baseplate and/or Simucube Throttle to include in Free Shipping


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Unique features

• Force feedback
• User defined physics
• ABS feedback
• RPM feedback
• Configurable as a brake, throttle or clutch
• Effect development continuing


• ActivePedal is compatible with all games that have pedal game controller support
• Effect support the most popular games at launch (confirmed: ACC, iRacing)
• Compatibility with rigs expandable with Simucube base plate (sold separately)
• Companion for your current passive pedals. Buy one, two or three

Simucube Quality

• Designed to last a life time. It is built from industrial-grade components that are designed for heavy dutyand long service lives
• No wearing parts – no maintenance
• Precise sensors and motorized actuator
• It’s the first product with Simucube Link: Two way information highway of Simucube products to connect them and keep them safely out of the way of the racing
• Support for more games coming during 2023



• 60 months warranty
• Dimensions: 100 x 250 x 402 mm
• Weight 6 kg per pedal


Package contents

• Simucube ActivePedal x 2
• Power supply (country specific cable)
• SC Link
• USB cable
• Ethernet RJ45 cable (connection between SC Link and ActivePedal)
• Fixing screws
• Torx allen key
• Quick Start Guide
• Stickers

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